The responsibility of the long day care Sydney includes keeping the child half day or full day and developing the initial skills that help them in their social as well as in their personal life. Long Day Care Sydney works similarly to any foster care or child care centre. They hold the baby during the working hours of the parents and take care of them. The responsibilities of the long day care Sydney include providing all the necessities of life to the children. These centres comprise highly skilled paramedic nurses and professors who know how to develop their social and other skills so that they can easily merge into the school confidently and easily. Long Day Care Sydney has children from newborn to 12 or 13 years of age. The main goal of this institute is to facilitate the families and their children in such an environment that can helps them for developing the social, physical, psychological and cognitive abilities to work in all kinds of environments in their life. It is the long day care centre’s responsibility to provide the readiness program for preparing the children for schooling activities. 

The school readiness program is considered as the pre-schooling activities that are beneficial for the development of a child. School Readiness Program Camden helps them develop the basic cognitive skills that allow them to think about a single problem through various patterns, and also develop problem-solving techniques. The school readiness program Camden helps in understanding the different colour patterns, numeric sequences and many others like character recognition etc. In some of the school readiness programs, Camden also performs cooking and other science experiments that initiate the feeling of curiosity related to the object result. In this school readiness program, Camden also has some toddlers. For them, they contain a bunch of toys for mental and physical growth. The school readiness program Elderslie also works, in the same manner, to facilitate the child with preschool activities. The main goal of the school readiness program Elderslie is to boost the confidence in the small boys and girls so that they become able to participate in various activities that are held in the school. The school readiness program Camden is not restricted only to a specific culture but they are warmly welcomed by almost all cultures. School readiness program Camden and school readiness program Elderslie focuses on social engagement, how a child will represent himself in front of others and how a child should behave in the group. The school readiness program Elderslie is comprised of professional tutors that focus on the learning and writing capabilities of the student also some psychological aspects that deal with the emotional aspects of children. They provide the safest atmosphere where they only nourish. During the whole school readiness program Camden and school readiness program, Elderslie also consulted with the parents to evaluate their satisfaction regarding the institute.