We are living in the times where we have been provided with many options in each and every thing. Similarly; one such thing is the different types and forms of frames. A frame can be defined as the rigid and intact structure that surrounds a picture, a canvas or whatever material is placed inside it. The function of frames is not only limited to surround the pictures and canvases only rather there are frames of windows, door frames and so many other such forms of frames are available. In addition to that; frames are also differentiated on the basis of their texture, material sued in their making and colour.  The basic function of these frames is to keep the thing present within it intact and firm in its place. We will specifically be discussing about the wall hanging frames which includes the process of canvas framing and picture framing in sydney.  Even though; both of these framing processes are used to be hanged on wall but there are some differences between the two. In this article; we will be comparing the canvas frames with the picture frames.

Comparison between canvas frames and picture frames:

Canvas frame does not mean a framework surrounding a painting on the canvas rather canvas framing is defined as the process of imprinting a particular picture of scenery on the canvas in a way that it spreads throughout the canvas and forms  a frame like structure. Once the image has been imprinted; it remains permanent and cannot be replaced. The unique characteristic about this type of framing is that it enhances the vibrancy of the colours. They are quite light in weight and most commonly have matte finish but sometimes it can be glossy as well.

On the other hand; the pictures of the frame can be changed plus they give the reflection of light. These frames are quite heavy in weight and are expensive. The price of the frame varies as per the size and material used in the making of the frame.

Picture framing:

The process of picture framing has been going on since ages now. People like to put pictures of them as well as their loved ones in the frames to protect their beautiful memoires. Some of these frames are placed on the table like a stand while some are hanged on the walls. The use of standing frames have become rarer in today’s time period because hanging pictures are preferred over them.


Frames are the solid enclosed structures that surround a picture, a canvas or any other thing within it. There are different types of frames. Two such types of frames are known as canvas and picture frames. Both these types are differentiated from one another on various bases. You can buy the exceptional quality of canvas frames as well as can get picture framing done from “Frame works framing”.