Every couple has disagreements. For some, it’s money issues; for others, it’s a lack of sex life or a pattern of constant arguing. And the coronavirus pandemic has introduced a new potential stressor: more time spent at home together, which can escalate tensions or reveal hidden fractures in a relationship. If your relationship has been going through the same ups and downs, couples counselling can prove beneficial.

Does it leave you with a terrible taste in your mouth when you think of couples counselling? Consider marital counselling to be a saving grace, not a failure! Seeing a marriage therapist may be the best thing you’ve ever done for your marriage. So here are a few reasons why you should consider relationship counselling Adelaide before it is too late:

Everything turns into an argument.

Couples seek counselling for various reasons, including frustration and harmful speech. It is not unusual for healthy couples to argue once in a while. Still, some couples argue every day, often over trivial matters. This frequently leaves spouses feeling withdrawn, uneasy, unconfident, depressed, and ignored. A happy relationship is one in which both partners feel notable, respected, and supported. When this positive behaviour ceases, problems are unavoidable.

Little to no communication

Communication is critical for happy, long-term relationships. Without it, you’d never learn about your partner’s thoughts and emotions, and resolving disagreements would be impossible! As partners become estranged from one another, their interaction suffers. Infidelity, strain, a lack of physical intimacy can all contribute to this. Considering relationship counselling Kensington can be highly beneficial in re-establishing communication.

Your trust has been broken.

Suppose one of you has had an inappropriate relationship or been deceiving in any way. In that case, you’re probably feeling a lot of hurt and distrust. A healthy relationship requires trust. Relationships without it can become upset, often leaving a trail of further destruction and heartache if not repaired. Learning to trust one another again can be a painful and slow process – and it is complicated to do alone. Counselling can provide a safe space for you to express your weakness, discover the betrayal, and entertain the possibility of rebuilding trust and moving forward.

You are only together for the sake of the children.

While you may be willing to stay in an unhealthy marriage for the sake of your children, this can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Mainly if there is a lot of conflict and frustration in the home, children have a keen sense of intuition and often detect difficulties or unhappiness. Seeing a relationship counsellor can help you identify whether or not your relationship is worth salvaging. In some cases, living apart may be better for everyone. However, therapy can assist you in determining whether or not there is any remaining love and find opportunities to boost it. Therapy can also aid in dialogue and pursuing an amicable separation if that is the path the relationship takes.

So there you have it – top reasons to consider relationship counselling. If your relationship is falling apart, do yourself and your significant other a favour by trying to save it.