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Football is a glamorous game. It is full of thrill, adventure and skill. Those who are in love with this kind of fun do not want to miss a single event happening on the football ground regardless of the geographical limits. Those who are sitting in the countries away from the venues prefer watching the shows on their big or small screens but do not want to miss it.

The people in Australia are well acquainted with the names like bombers AFL merchandise but at the same time they are always waiting for the great events full of glamour, gaoler and of course prizes. They intend to see their favourite teams win the game.

Here are the top football events that are happening in the game world.

  1. FIFA World Cup

Whether you are a club player in the Richmond football club merchandise or just a football fan, there is nothing that you will wait for more than the World cup. There are several leagues happening all over the world but the name FIFA world cup has no match when it comes to prestige and football experience. The nation that rules the World Cup ground actually rules the heart of the people all over the world. This event happens after every four years.

  1. UEFA Champions League

When it comes to the club competitions the name UEFA is the most loved an awaited football event. In this event you will witness some of the best teams coming from all over the world. There is no doubt that this event helps the beginners get the inspiration from the best players on the ground. With the passage of time as the financial problems are being sorted out the tournament seems to take lead in the list of popular tournaments. It is like this tournament that Europe is turning into the hub of football activities.

  1. UEFA European Championship

It is known as the first ever pan-European international tournament. The game was first played back in 1958 in France. In past five decades this extremely thrilling championship has made its mark. It is known as the most loved competition due to the thrilling moments happening which are the signature activity of this tournament. In the last 14 tournaments the world has seen nine different winners with Germany and Spain standing out as the leaders.

  1. Copa America

While talking of the continental football competitions the oldest one is the Copa America. The first tournament in this regard was organised back in 1916. It was held to celebrate the completion of the first century of the Argentina’s independence. The competition takes place with some of the popular teams including those playing under the banner of CONMEBOL and those from the US, Costa Rica and Mexico.

  1. Copa Libertadores

The Copa Libertadores is played in the South American region and it is very much similar to the Champions League. The league is witnessed by the people of 135 countries. The name comes from the popular Spanish phrase which goes like “El Sueno Libertador,” It means dreaming high. The team that has won most laurels in this tournament is Argentina club. Please visit for more information.