How to make espresso coffe by using top rated espresso machines

This is a checklist how to get the best result when makine espresso coffee with an espresso coffe machine

1st The machine
Check temperature and pressure. Should be 90 º C and 9 bar. Read the instructions carefully! It tells how to make any necessary adjustments.

2nd Grinding
If you use whole beans: ensure that the mill is set up correctly. Grinding degree is finer than the filter brewing and should be adjusted for the espresso machine, so that the brewing process takes 20 – 30 seconds. Grind no more coffee than you spend the next few hours!

3rd Dosage
Dispense about 7 grams in a clean filter holders (also known as grip or bayonet) to about 3 cl drink. Press coffee is easy, to get a smooth finish. Tap on the grip, so the coffee grains on the sides shake down. Unpack then coffee hard (about 15 kgs pressure! Feel free to test on the bathroom scale!), So that it is compact and provides a consistent resistance, when the water is pushed through. Remove coffee on top of the grip and insert it in place.

 4th Preheating
Preheat the cup (most machines have a preeheating area) and place it under the portafilter tap holes. Espresso Brewing should take about 25 seconds.

5th Two copper

If you want to brew two cups, use the two cup grip and double the amount of coffee. It is usually easier to achieve a nice crema on espresso, when using two cup grip filter. It related to how the water is forced through the coffee in the filter holder.

6th Crema
Make sure the color of the crema is nut-brown, often marbled with deeper “tiger stripes”. Serve immediately! Should you close to several people, you should serve cups, as they become ready. Coffee should be drunk directly.

7th Next cup
The filter holder, you can let sit in the machine until the next cup to be brewed (the same day!). Then, turn the coffee cake, and wipe away coffee remains in the grip, before dispenses a new espresso. Run some water from the distribution of the filter before you put in the grip with the new coffee, so you can easily remove old coffee residue. The machine also requires regular cleaning.

If you have a pod machine the process is much more simple. Just add water and insert the pod and push the button. The coffee is ready!

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