Review: The World’s Best Latte Maker

This Latte Maker Gets 5 Stars

Are you looking for your own latte maker, one of those wonderful dispensers of caffeinated deliciousness? Are you  tired of standing in line to pay $5 for a mass-produced chain store espresso drink? If you answered in the affirmative to both of these questions then let me suggest what I consider to be a 5 star latte maker for the home: the Gaggia Platinum Espresso Latte Maker.Gaggia Platinum vision

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Delicious Lattes with Push-Button Ease

The Gaggia Platinum machine does nearly everything you need to create a wonderfully rich and creamy latte. One touch and your pre-programmed machine starts the brewing process using coffee from freshly ground beans. Within minutes you’ll be enjoying a robust caffè latte, exactly how the Italians enjoy it. Perfect every time. Within minutes you’re ready to go out to work or play. You can be already enjoying your daily latte and you weren’t required to fight any throngs of people, or wait in lines, and you only have to drink out of a paper cup if you want to! Lattes seem to taste so much better whenever you don’t have to deal with crowds and lines.

Why Pay $5 or More for a Cup of Coffee Everyday?

Nowadays more and more people are choosing not to. There is a large and growing trend toward brewing specialty coffees at home because there is an alternative, and it doesn’t involve going back to drinking drip coffee. Yuck! It’s as easy as getting your own automatic latte maker. Join the increasing numbers of people who are choosing to become at-home do-it-yourself espresso makers, and stop spending $5 on a cup of coffee everyday.

Today’s advanced, smartly engineered, and well-crafted European espresso machines provide the budget-savvy DIY barista the equipment that they will need to create espresso drinks that are just as delicious–no, more delicious–than what they used to pay $5 or even more for.

Why I Like to Recommend the Gaggia Platinum Espresso Latte Maker

Exactly where was the latte “invented”? Italy! So where do you think the best quality latte makers are manufactured? That’s right, Italy! The Italians have perfected both the art and science of creating a perfect shot of espresso to make a latte with.

Milan, Italy, is home to the manufacturing facilities of Gaggia S.p.A, where Italian craftsmen and craftswomen make and build these marvelous machines. Women and men who are themselves latte, cappuccino, and espresso lovers. This latte machine comes from the same country that engineers and produces Ferrari’s. A fully automatic espresso machine – The Ferrari of espresso machines!

There are many, many diverse labels of latte makers on the market these days, coming from a variety of manufacturers, but they’re not all of the same quality, and the price range is very broad. This tends to make it somewhat difficult to choose which kind of machine is best for you.

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