Review: Italy’s Best Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Nowadays lots of espresso-, latte-, and cappuccino-loving people have discovered that there is a  truly amazing fully automatic espresso machine coming from Italy that makes creating their own espresso drinks as simple as pressing a few buttons.

The Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

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A fully automatic espresso machine doesn’t come cheaply, but remember that they are the top of every manufacturer’s line. As you would guess from the description, these machines do pretty much everything for you when making an espresso.

For starters, a fully automatic espresso machine will custom grind your coffee beans for you. Then, based on your taste preferences, the machine will precisely measure and place the exact amount of ground coffee in the brewing group; then the machine will tamp the coffee just right; next it will pre-moisten the coffee grounds a few seconds before the brewing process begins (this begins to leach the flavorful and aromatic oils from the coffee grounds); following this the machine will pre-heat the water to the optimal temperature for both brewing and for steaming and foaming milk, and then pump the water through the system at the precise level of pressure needed to extract a divinely superb espresso or coffee drink. And finally it will place the used grounds in an internal used-grounds container!

The Best Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Comes From Italy

Manufacturers are adding new and more features to the fully automatic espresso machine every year. Some other features that are currently included in the best of of these fully automatic espresso makers are digital displays, water volume settings, coffee strength settings, grind size adjustments, brew temperature settings, cup warmers, and cup lifters. In my opinion the all-around best fully automatic espresso machine is manufactured in Milan, Italy by Gaggia S.p.A. Click on this link to read more about my favorite fully automatic espresso machine and I’ll tell you where to find it at the very best price anywhere: Gaggia Platinum Espresso Machine.

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The Gaggia Platinum Vision Espresso Machine

If you want an authentic Italian espresso or cappuccino, then you definitely need to begin with an authentic Italian espresso maker. Gaggia S.p.A. is the Italian maker of espresso machines designed to be used in the home, and it’s name is associated with quality and trustworthiness throughout the world. It began in 1948, when Achille Gaggia, the man that is credited with the world-wide popularity of espresso coffee, filed patent number 365726, which ultimately evolved into the modern day espresso machines that we know today. Their entire line of espresso machines are to the present day made in the Robecco sul Naviglio factory (Milan), the place where tradition and concern for details unite with state-of-the-art engineering.

The Perfect Shot of Espresso

Brewing a great shot of espresso has never been easier. The Gaggia Platinum Vision provides just the right amount of power behind each shot of espresso. Although you most likely would not require it, the Gaggia system delivers up to 15 bars of pressure.

A superb cup of coffee always starts with freshly ground coffee beans, and this model grinds fresh beans with every new brew. The ceramic burr grinder quietly produces a consistent, no-static grind. You can adjust the grind setting between fine, medium, and coarse.

The seal-able coffee bean hopper will accommodate as much as 8.8 oz. of your favorite roasted whole beans. Its an easy task to monitor the amount of beans remaining since the bean hopper is see-through. Additionally the machine will warn you using an “add coffee beans” message when the hopper runs low. It can’t get much easier!

Does your better half like their cappuccino slightly more robust than you do? A dial located on the coffee dispenser enables you to adjust the body and intensity of each cup, even while it’s brewing. Leave the dial pointing to the middle for a normal strength drink, but turn it to the left to get a more mild brew or to the right to get a more robust one.

The Gaggia Milk Island is an attachment that can make it simple to froth and steam up to 13.5 ounces of milk for a perfect latte or cappuccino. It’s as easy as turning the steam knob to the “milk island” setting and the machine will effortlessly steam and froth your milk.

What could possibly be better than being able to enjoy a rich, strong, creamy-smooth latte within minutes of rolling out of bed, and taking it out to the patio to enjoy the sunrise. Imagine, no pushing, shoving, and waiting in line at your neighborhood coffee shop. No tips. Just a fantastic cup of coffee. And if you actually think you’ll miss Starbucks you can use Starbucks coffee beans – We do.

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