How to find the best benchtop bandsaw

Editior note: How to find the best benchtop bandsaw is a guest post of Micheal, who has ambition in woodworking and DIY projects. Support her by sharing her post!


Finding a benchtop bandsaw requires you to know a little bit about the bandsaw construction and intended use. When you are just about to find a tool that can cut irregular shape, then you my think of a benchtop bandsaw. Or for another example, when you need to resaw then you can also use a bandsaw for cutting wood in pieces.

Actually bandsaws are not only used in woodworking but in food processing industry as meat cutters, or it can be used for cutting metal sheets or pipes. Therefore, with tremendous applications, a benchtop bandsaw will be one of the most favourite tool that you might have.

How to find the best benchtop bandsaw

It is quite simple to start with if you are a beginner who are trying to play around with DIY projects, wood cutting in small sizes. At this time, you can choose a 9 inch band saw model. Remember that the 9 inch model can only cut small wood pieces which is measured by the throat size (9 inch) and the depth cutting capacity (generally 3 inch). If you need to cut bigger things, then you can try the bigger versions, such as a 14 inch bandsaw or a 17 inch bandsaw.

With this type of bandsaw, it is efficient for cutting woods or cutting irregular shape. The portable bandsaw is not quite efficient in resaw. Therefore, if you are particularly focused on resaw, you need a bigger version and a premium model which can give you the accuracy when cutting.

Price is a factor when buying a bandsaw because with the same style and design, the price of a premium unit can be double-fold to the normal one, and at this point you need to understand some mechanical specifications of the machine such as the materials, the type of blade that it can use, the design, the cutting capacity, the brand and others.

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