Bodum New Brazil 3-Cup French Press Coffee Maker Review

Bodum New Brazil 3-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

Update: april 2017


The New Brazil Bodum New Brazil 3-Cup French Press Coffee Maker is a well made coffee maker.  The handle, top and bottom are made from high grade plastic, the bottom is especially nice since you don’t have to worry about breaking the press on accident if set down too hard.  Bodum used thick glass to make the coffee maker, so you don’t feel like one wrong move when handling the coffee maker will break it.  When they made the top, Bodum made sure that the top overlaps the glass rim.  By doing so if the unit falls with the top on, the top will absorb most of the fall.

Brazil Three Cup French Press Coffee Maker



Bodum New Brazil 3-Cup French Press Coffee Maker construction and design

Inside The Coffee Maker

Components inside the coffee maker are solid metal.  The screen is high quality and will work time after time without warping and separates the coffee from grounds well with small mesh keeping coffee grounds out of your cup.  To push the screen down to separate the coffee is a meta disc with the accordion around the outside to keep the screen in place.  The disc once again is pure metal, and doesn’t flex when you plunge the coffee.

To plunge the coffee a rod connects to the metal disc and mesh, the rod is very strong and will not bend if you put pressure on the coffee maker.  The nob on top is plastic, nothing too special but gets the job done.

The top has a small screen included in the molded plastic, which doesn’t take out the very fine coffee grounds but keeps the large grounds out of your cup.  The top doesn’t seal, which means any slight tips will spill the coffee if you make a topped off batch.  The spout on the french press work well, having poured many cups of magma hot coffee out of topped off batches.

Cleaning the unit is easy, just wash out with warm water.  The most difficult part is getting any stuck grounds out from between the metal disc and screen.  I like to use a sink sprayer, which makes quick work of the job.

Making Coffee

I like to use around 2-3 scoops of coffee in the unit, I use less with dark roasts and more with medium (I like strong coffee!).  Pour boiling water on top of the coffee, stir and then let sit for 5-6 minutes plunge and enjoy!  My favorite feature is making the coffee, and then taking it with me so I can sit at the computer with my coffee refills right next to me!


FAQS about Bodum brazil

Bodum brazil french press instructions

Using bodum brazil french press is quite simple, just like any other french press coffee machine. First, you add the coffee powder into the french press. Depending on how many cup of coffee you want, you may add 3-4 teaspoons for 3 cups of coffee up to 12-15 teaspoons for 12 cups of coffee. Afterwards, pouring the hot water into the french press, stir (or not) and then you can place the plunger on the top and press gently until the coffee is clear.

8 cup french press how much coffee do we need

It can be roughly translated 1 teaspoon into 1 cup of coffee, so when you want to brew 8 cup french press, you can add 8 teaspoons up to 10 teaspoons depending on how bold you want.

Bodum french press sizes

It is measured by 7.2 x 4.2 x 3.4 inches, 3 cup (12 ounces) of coffee for daily uses. You can choose the bigger version for 8 cup if you need to prepare more coffee per time.

Bodum columbia french press

The bodum columbia french press is a double wall french press so it will retain the heat and keep your coffee hot longer. It has a polished, shiny look and it is capable of making 8 cups per time. You can check this model here.

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