Best carpet cleaner: How to find them

Spring has coming and some people are looking for a best carpet shampooer, here is a few tips you can check before jumping to buy any one.

What is the best carpet cleaner to buy

Depending on your cleaning situation, you will need a different carpet cleaning equipment. Here is the general suggestion

If you want to do spot cleaning, stain cleaning and pet messes accidents mostly then a portable carpet cleaner is the best choice here. The portable carpet cleaner is  compact canister cleaning tool allowing you to use easily. There are some variations that you can consider such as handheld type or 4 wheel designs. There is some cordless portable carpet cleaner which is very handful for cleaning the car interior.

If you want to clean the floor carpet (thin thickness), stairs and upholstery, you a full size upright carpet cleaner is the best option. Because full size upright carpet shampooers vary in design, price, function and user friendly level, you better to read the reviews of best carpet shampooers to have a better idea about which one is more suitable to you.

If you want to clean thick carpet, high traffic zone and dirty carpet, you should aim to the powerful motor carpet cleaning machine. There are some machines with 12 amps., some others are about 13 amps which are all great for your carpet. The 6 amps half size carpet cleaner is insufficient for cleaning thick carpet generally.

There is a better way that will save you a dozen of research hours that is to read our carpet shampooer reviews list which we feature the best one for every cleaning option. You can sort out and find the greatest one in 5 mins.

Where can I rent a carpet cleaner

There are many places that you can rent a carpet cleaner. Lowes, Bissell, Rug Doctor, Hoover, Wallmart, Home Depot or local cleaning units are places you can rent a high performance carpet cleaner. Because the renting cost is somehow expensive, having a carpet cleaner at home will be a better investment. For example, you have to spend mostly $30 per day at Lowes to rent a Bissell carpet cleaners. Instead, you can buy the same model from Amazon with price of $300-$400 (price is seasonally changed to due promotion policies).

How much does it cost to rent a Bissell Big Green

Bissell Big Green is a commercial carpet cleaner that is mostly found at any rental unit, beside Rug Doctor Mighty Pro. Typically, you need to spare $30 for a day or $40 for 2 days. Consider the price of a renting carpet cleaner with a home use carpet cleaner (around $100- $150), it is a wise choice to purchase a carpet cleaner in long terms.

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