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How would you like to be able to make an espresso, a latte, or a cappuccino just like an Italian barista? Making your own scrumptious Italian style coffees has never been easier. Thanks to the Italians we can now make these drinks in our own kitchens, and its as simple as pushing a button or two when you use an “automatic espresso maker”.

There are actually many different types of espresso makers. But if you’re looking for a simple way to make your own delicious espresso drinks the automatic espresso maker is the way to go. It’s pretty much fool-proof. And the very best machine of this style? The Gaggia Platinum Vision Espresso Machine.

Gaggia Platinum vision

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Espresso as Easy as Pressing a Button

As you might have inferred from the name, the automatic espresso machine does practically everything for you. All you need to do is touch a button and fresh shot of espresso is on the way. It’s going to fresh-grind your preferred roasted whole bean coffee. Next it’s going to calculate the exact quantity of freshly ground coffee to use to brew your espresso. Then it will heat just the correct amount of water to the precise temperature that is best for espresso. When everything has been properly measured and heated up the machine will then pump the water through the brew group with exactly the proper amount of pressure and there you are, the most perfect shot of espresso. And if that wasn’t enough, the used coffee grounds will then be moved into the used grounds dump box! All automatically!

Stop Spending $5 a Day on “Good Coffee”

Now you can get “good coffee” at home. A trend is taking shape, and a large and growing number of caffeine freaks who can never go back to drinking a cup of drip coffee ever again have figured out that they can have their coffee and drink it too. So increasing numbers of people are choosing to become at-home-do-it-yourself espresso, cappuccino, and latte makers.

Today’s high tech, superbly designed, well-crafted, and oh-so-easy-to-use European automatic espresso machine gives every home barista the equipment they need to create espresso drinks that are every bit as good as what they used to spend $5 on every day.

Time to buy your own automatic espresso maker, but where to look? You can get dizzy investigating all of the many different brands and styles of espresso cappuccino makers on the market these days. And be cautious and thorough when researching, for the reason that not all brands are of the same quality. This can make it a bit hard to decide what kind of machine is the best for you.

Here is a short list of features that can be found on this class of espresso machine. All of these features, and still more, are included with the Gaggia Platinum Vision machine:

Adjustable Grinder Settings – Use this feature to fine-tune the flavor of your cappuccino. This function enables you to adjust exactly how fine, or how coarse you grind your coffee beans. But be careful, too fine and your espresso will be bitter; if you grind it too coarse the result will be a weak cup of coffee.

Adjustable Water Volume Controls – With this feature included with your automatic espresso maker you can automatically manage the amount of water that is to be used in brewing whatever kind of coffee beverage you will be making, from an espressos to a crèma.

Two Boilers are Better Than One – While one boiler heats water to the proper temperature for brewing your coffee, the other boiler is heating water to the temperature required to froth your milk. You can switch from one to the other instantly. You no longer have to wait around for the water to heat up again after brewing your coffee before you can froth your milk.

Adjustable Water Temperature Control – If you like your espresso steaming hot then you can get it steaming hot! Please be aware, however, that espresso is typically brewed at a lower temperature than regular drip coffee.

Adjustable Dosing (How Much Ground Coffee Do You Use?) – This is another feature included with the automatic espresso maker that allows you to “fine tune” your espresso drinks. By adjusting the amount of coffee grounds used for each espresso shot you can control the robustness and flavor of your coffee.

The Secret to a Great Cup of Coffee: Pre-Moistening the Ground Coffee – Prior to the start of the brew cycle the grounds are just barely moistened. This allows the aromatic and flavorful oils to begin leaching from the coffee.

Cup Warmer – You should never brew a shot of espresso straight into a cold cup. Because espresso is brewed at a lower temperature than drip coffee, brewing into a cold cup will result in your coffee being a little cooler than you might like it.

Easy Reading Digital Display – The LCD display on your automatic espresso maker is where you program and select your choice of brew options. In addition it will alert you when you need to add water, add coffee beans, or empty the used grounds dump box.

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Why I Recommend the Gaggia Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Maker

Where was espresso “invented”? Italy! And anyone who has had the good fortune to visit Italy knows that the Italians have perfected both the art and science of producing the perfect shot of espresso – and also the perfect automatic espresso machine to make it with.

Milan, Italy, is home to the manufacturing facilities of Gaggia S.p.A, where Italian craftsmen and craftswomen help to make and build these superb machines. Women and men who are themselves espresso lovers. This machine comes from exactly the same country that engineers and produces the worlds finest and most expensive sports cars. An espresso cappuccino maker that is completely automatic – The Ferrari of espresso machines!

At the push of a button your Platinum Vision automatic espresso maker will start the brewing process using freshly ground beans. Within a remarkably short space of time you’ll be enjoying a pleasing, rich espresso coffee topped with a gloriously heavy crèma, exactly the way the Italians make it. Every shot is perfect each and every time. Just like you would get it in Italy. Within minutes you’re ready to head out to work or play, already enjoying your daily cappuccino or latte. And you didn’t have to deal with any crowds or wait in line, and you’re no longer drinking out of a paper cup!

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Go ahead and purchase you own automatic espresso maker today. You deserve to splurge on yourself a little bit, and when you do I hope you will love and take great pleasure in it, just like I have!

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