4 Quick Tips to Make a Great Espresso

Here are 4 great tips that I came across online that can help you make a consistently delicious espresso with your Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine:(1) It starts with high quality espresso beans.

  • Your espresso is only going to be as good as the beans that it is extracted from.
  • You shouldn’t necessarily seek out the roasted beans from the “big roasters”; they aren’t necessarily the best.
  • You can find lots of great “boutique” coffee roasters online that will offer quite a variety of roasts and flavors.

(2) You Need High Heat and Pressure For Best Flavor

  • Coffee beans contain quite a bit of oil, around 12%, so you need a lot of pressure and heat to extract the intricate flavors of espresso.
  • For the best espresso extraction temperatures should range from 198 to 201 degrees.
  • Use about 8-9 bars of pressure to properly unlock and pull the flavor from the bean.

(3) The Right Grind = Maximum Flavor

  • Espresso requires a fine grind, but getting the grind perfect is a trick.
  • When properly gound espresso is not quite powdery. Ideally it should still have a slightly gritty feeling to it.

(4) It’s All About the Crema

  • The rich, caramel-colored crema is the dissolved oils and solids that are released during extraction.
  • Crema should take up at least 1/3rd to 1/2 of the shot glass after the extraction is complete.
  • Crema packs a lot of flavor so either drink the espresso right away, or get it into heated milk to help “save’ the integrity of the flavor.

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